Oppilaat seuraavat opettajan viittomista

Our mission is to support children and adolescents who study at their neighbourhood schools, particularly when their needs for support are related to vision, hearing, language or interaction. Our consulting and training services are aimed at promoting the learning and rehabilitation of pupils in pre-primary education, compulsory basic education, and voluntary additional basic education.

Our services include counselling visits, support periods, assessments, rehabilitation, workplace counselling and training. We also produce educational materials.

Most of our services are subject to a fee. The objectives, contents, durations and methods vary according to demand and customer preferences. The services can focus on the needs of individual children or adolescents, or on a demand emerging in, for example, a workplace, municipality or region.

We tailor our services by listening to our customers and working with them so that they benefit in the best possible way.

For further information, please email us at tukipalvelut@onerva.fi