Oppilaat ja opettaja luokkatilanteessa

Valteri School Onerva is one of the six units of the state-owned Valteri School. As a special school, we are in charge of providing pre-primary, basic and voluntary additional basic education for pupils who need special support due to difficulties related to vision, hearing or language. We also offer accommodation services for pupils who live at a distance.

Education at Valteri School Onerva is based on a curriculum that complies with the national core curriculum. Each pupil gets an individual educational plan (IEP, in Finnish HOJKS).

In addition to educational staff, the multidisciplinary group that works with pupils includes rehabilitation experts and employees of the school’s residential home.

At Onerva, education is combined with rehabilitation and guidance that support learning to form a seamless whole. The guiding principle in all school activities is rehabilitative everyday life. The residential home is thus also a learning environment. Its diverse leisure activities and homelike environment are an essential part of pupils’ holistic rehabilitation.